Urine Therapy: Welcome to UrineGuru.com!

Urine Therapy is the practice of using urine as a natural healing agent. It’s been shown to tremendously help people with myriads of different illnesses. This site is dedicated to anything and all things relating to urine therapy. We combine all useful information we can find from around the internet with references and include our own personal experiences, documented to the best of our individual abilities for your education and benefit. Here you will find urine therapy testimonials, videos, ongoing contemporary research in the field of urine therapy, and the support of a growing community of people who have become aware of the incredible benefits of urine therapy.

Though the name “urine therapy” is a relatively recent phenomenon, the practice of urine therapy has existed in many places around the world under different names for literally thousands of years. Ancient India, Rome, many Latin American countries, Russia, China, Japan and even much of Europe have used these techniques for healing and overall well being. And I’m sure I’m forgetting some! Point being, as strange as urine therapy might sound to the average person, this is a method of healing and promoting health that has been around the world and lasted through many ages. The practice of urine therapy could not have done this if it did not have some validity.

There are many cases on urine therapy experiences, recorded in books and online, of people who were suffering from terrible, sometimes life threatening ailments who often used urine therapy as a last resort to turn it all around. Though all of us involved in this community may not have terminal illnesses to add to the testimonials (quite thankfully), what issues we do have, we experiment with urine therapy as a solution to show you what does work and what doesn’t work, and we invite all of you to do the same. No more he said/she said; does urine therapy work, or is urine therapy just another weird idea with no foundation?

As time goes on, we will be adding more and more testimonials about the use of urine therapy on various illnesses and conditions and video documented experiments with urine therapy. We will be adding interviews with the pioneering authors on the subject of urine therapy, some of which are doctors who have put the credibility of their practice at risk for the sake of spreading knowledge about the amazing benefits of this simple practice. Our goal is to include as much information as we can possibly muster on the subject of urine therapy. You’ll also find a supportive urine therapy community to encourage you if you are dealing with illness and to recount their own personal stories about the use of urine therapy and what did or did not work for them.

Below are references to urine therapy from around the internet and url links showing where you can find the original home of this information. The more you look into the practice, history and personal accounts of urine therapy, the more fascinated you will be. Good Health!